Best Sites to Find Your Daily WoD (Workout of the Day)


Need some extra motivation to continue working out? It can be a challenge for anyone given all the ups and downs of life. Here are five websites worth checking out as you work towards a healthy new you through cross fitness. Get ready for an inspiring daily cross-fitness workout!


You’ll do it all at crossfit.com. Squats, thrusters, power snatches, swims, 400-meter runs and double-unders are a sample of what you can expect. Some days you’ll get a valuable article to read over especially about nutrition. You’ll be informed about sugar intake or the problem with soda all the while getting stronger each day. Expect a rest day from time to time as well.


This website will push you to the limit each day in a variety of unique ways. Rope climbs, burpee box jump overs, sled drags, back squats and thrusters are some of the exercises you’ll be doing. You will view a picture each day of others who are pushing their bodies to the max.


Crossfithumanity.com has the slogan of “growing strong together.” This online group is concerned about not only the daily workouts that they provide. They want to foster an online community. Their belief is that through deepening relationships, people will develop the courage and staying power they need to stay healthy.


If you enjoy variety and more input about your daily workout, then check out WODdrive.com. For workouts of the day, choose from categories including GRID, Tabata, Rowing or Endurance. If you want something unique, hit the “Surprise Me” button below the categories. A unique workout can then be generated for you each day.


For a straight-to-the-point workout of the day, visit this website. Here, you’ll find a daily photo with a list of exercises to perform. You may do a 200-meter run, muscle ups, bike, swim or kettle bell swings. They challenge fitness seekers to put away their business titles and just think of themselves as athletes.

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